New York Public Library Engagement Shoot with Lu Lu & Eljin

Circa 2011. It was a cool summer night in college and Eljin was not performing well in one of his classes so he decided to hit the library attempting to salvage my grades for the semester. The library was empty and he took one of the unoccupied tables. As he was reading, a student nonchalantly sits down in front of him while carrying a bunch of textbooks. He scanned the entire library and it was empty. This student, with the entire library empty, decided to sit in front of Eljin. As he dropped his textbook to see who it was, his jaw dropped at the sight of the gorgeous lady sitting right in front of him. He didn't want to let the opportunity slip by so he devised a plan: He put my hands into his pocket to calm his nerves. He then felt something in his pocket, a plastic box, and said to himself "This might work." So he braced myself, took the item out of his pocket and popped the question: "Do you want a TicTac?." She said "Yes," he took her number, and it was all history from there.